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Chain of Command (MACO)  E-mail
Monday, 22 November 2010 10:32


Flag Officer
Generals/Fleet Admirals are the flag officers of StarFleet. Admirals have proven themselves to be leaders of the highest order, and are charged with the organisation and responsibility for the Fleet as a whole. All holders of Flag Rank will be expert tacticians, exceptional leaders and complete professionals.
Fleet Admiral (Navy ONLY)
Lieutenant General
Major General

Brigadier Generals
Brigadier General is the rank for those who have earned a high-level command position in StarFleet. They have shown dedication and ability beyond even that of Colonels of the Fleet, and are considered able enough to be members of the Council of Admirals in rare circumstances.

Brigadier General
Senior Officers
Senior officers are elite members in StarFleet and have shown long term dedication and ability. Senior Colonels and Colonels are of the rank required to be the commanding officer of a ship within the Fleet, possessing that rare blend of skill, diplomacy, professionalism and dedication that is the hallmark of MACO Colonels throughout the Star Trek universe.


Senior Colonel
Officers of the Fleet are individuals who have realised their command potential and are in the process of learning and consolodation of those skills necessary to take on high-level command positions within the Fleet. They are prime candidates for mid-tier command positions, executive officers and departmental commands.

Lieutenant Colonel
Marine Captain
Junior Officers
Junior Officers have just begun to realise their potential as Officers of the Fleet. Constantly learning and in training, they will be seeking to improve their skills as gamers and as members. They are considered to be the future command tier of the Fleet.

First Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant
Sub-Lieutenant of the Marines
†Sub-Lieutenant and Acting ensigns are used in rare/special circumstances for temporary full officer status
Academy Cadets

Academy Cadets are non-commissioned officers who have enrolled at StarFleet Academy, where they undertake intensive training to become full Officers of the Fleet. There are four grades for each stage of training. Academy Cadets are expected to relinquish all other responsibilities in the Fleet aside from their studies, and are under constant assessment. Everything is a test.


Cadet Senior
Cadet Junior
Cadet Sophomore
Cadet Freshman


Non-Commissioned Officers

Non Commissioned offers (NCO'S) are the backbone of StarFleet. NCO's typically encompass those ranks beyond "enlisted" where a member is solely focused on their gaming and the progression of their skills. They are the front line, and soldiers of professionalism and talent. Non-Commisioned Officers may apply for entry into Starfleet Academy if they feel they wish to pursue a career on the command pathway, but often members wish to dedicate their time to being masters of battle; it is for this reason that the higher-tier NCO ranks exist.


Master Warrant Officer of the Marines
Chief Warrant Officer 1st Class
Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Class
Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Class
Warrant Officer
Sergeant Major 1st Class
Sergeant Major 2nd Class
Sergeant Major 3rd Class
Staff Sergeant



StarFleet members that have just recently joined the fleet and are working their way up in the ranks by being active within their ship and diligent and professional in their duties. Once an enlisted member reaches the rank of either Petty Officer 1st Class (navy) or Staff Corporal (marines) the member may apply to the StarFleet Academy to become and Officer, or continue to the Non-Commissioned Officers ranks. If an application is rejected a member is allowed to re-apply again following a one month promotion cycle.


Staff Corporal
Lance Corporal
Private 1st Class
Private 2nd Class



Any member who feels they don't have the time to dedicate to pursue their military career may become a Doctor within the Scientist Tier. Doctors are free of the many military requirements that StarFleet has but are still required to be respectful to superior authority while following the CoC. All persons joining StarFleet have the option of joining the military or being a Doctor in the Scientists Tier, and any existing member can request to be switched. Conversely, any Doctor can request to join or re-join the military ranks, and will be initiated from the rank of Crewman Apprentice.







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