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StarFleet Condition Green

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Diplomatic Relations  E-mail
Monday, 22 November 2010 12:56

Diplomatic Relations

StarFleet is always seeking to establish diplomatic relationships with other good-conduct, professional gaming Fleets, Clans and organizations. If you are interested in making Diplomatic Contact with StarFleet, please feel free to contact our diplomatic staff on our main forums, where you may post a message in our dedicated Diplomacy forum on the Public Array.

Below you will find information regarding StarFleet's diplomatic status.


StarFleet is currently at Green Alert!



Fleet or Clan
Hazard Team [HT] Alliance
Federation Empires [FE] Mutual Protection Pact
Q Continuum [Q] Non-Aggression Pact
Strategic Operations Fleet [STO] Non-Aggression Pact
Elite Squadron [ES] Non-Aggression Pact
8TH Wing Tactical Fleet [8WT] Non-Aggression Pact
Bushrangers [FBr] Non-Aggression Pact
New Romulus Defence Force [NRDF] Non-Aggression Pact
Vulcan [VULCN]
Chill 'N Kill [CNK]
The Black Watch Armada [TBWF] Officer Exchange Program

Non-Agression Pact




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