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StarFleet Roster  E-mail
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 11:18

StarFleet Roster



This is the official roster of StarFleet members


Name Rank Posting Current Assignments
H3llr4iser Starbase 12

Fleet CO - Council of Admirals

Nelson Starbase 12 Fleet XO - Council of Admirals
Felix Starbase 12 Council of Admirals
Scorpiobe Starbase 12 Director of Security - Council of Admirals
JPorter Starbase 12 Council of Admirals
Ashy Starbase 12 Council of Admirals
Saber Starbase 12 Dean of Admissions - Council of Admirals
SouL Starbase 12 Council of Admirals
Nathan Hunter Starbase 12 Commandant of StarFleet Academy - Admissions Officer
Kayser Souze U.S.S. Valiant Admissions Officer
SailorJohn U.S.S. Enterprise C.O. USS Enterprise
Waffle U.S.S. Valiant C.O. USS Valiant - Admissions Officer - Academy Professor - Web Team
ThetaZen U.S.S. Enterprise
Zo Carter U.S.S. Enterprise Graphics Designer - Academy Professor
U.S.S. Valiant
DarkWyndre U.S.S. Valiant CO Diplomacy Department
Kristos U.S.S. Enterprise Admissions Officer
Nick U.S.S. Valiant Admissions Officer - Web Team
Dark U.S.S. Enterprise
Karang U.S.S. Valiant
Oddball U.S.S. Enterprise Admissions Officer
Athena_01 U.S.S. Enterprise Admissions Officer
Danny U.S.S. Enterprise
63Impala U.S.S. Enterprise
U.S.S. Enterprise
Knight U.S.S. Enterprise
Tsukikage U.S.S. Valiant
Alzo U.S.S. Valiant
Falls U.S.S. Enterprise
Jemhadar123 U.S.S. Valiant
SonofTalon U.S.S. Valiant
Anthony1969 U.S.S. Enterprise
Ecthel U.S.S. Enterprise
Boseman U.S.S. Enterprise
Diemedriv U.S.S. Enterprise
Kira Ametrine U.S.S. Enterprise
Kitsune U.S.S. Enterprise
James T. Kirk U.S.S. Enterprise
NeoxRave U.S.S. Enterprise
Sleek2707 U.S.S. Valiant
Pirate U.S.S. Enterprise
skalgar U.S.S. Enterprise
Maverick U.S.S. Enterprise
Pueblo U.S.S. Valiant
IamFirestorm U.S.S. Valiant
Spector77 U.S.S. Valiant
HenrysDad U.S.S. Valiant
Ayasolari U.S.S. Enterprise
Chilled U.S.S. Valiant
Firewarrior333 U.S.S. Enterprise
Tiberious U.S.S. Enterprise

StarFleet Fleet Meeting Attendance





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