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  1. Many congratulations to all! Keep up the good work!
  2. Congratulations to everyone, and well earned!
  3. Understood, sir. Enterprise acknowledging Red Alert, and stands ready.
  4. Happy Birthday to the Fleet! It's been a long road, and here's to a long time more! *raises a barrel of bloodwine.*
  5. Congratulations, everyone! Keep up the good work.
  6. Congratulations to everyone, keep up the fine work!
  7. To add once again to this great post, here is where you may find the great Klingon Academy: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/star-trek-klingon-academy-dcu This Abandonware site is completely free of charge, and to my knowledge and experience completely also free of viruses or other unpleasantness. There are a great wealth of old games to be found there, not only Star Trek ones. Though they do have many. However, since KA by itself does not work with Windows 10, there is a site I have found which contains fixes for it to allow it to do so; with complete instructions on how to set-up the fixes and ensure it all works. That site is found here: http://jiridvorak.webpark.cz/ka/ I hope this brings back a lovely sense of nostalgia for everyone, as it does for me; KA was my FIRST ever Star Trek game... and my first game ever played here as a part of this great Fleet. Qapla'!
  8. For those - like myself - who play a Jem'Hadar character on STO... Our Founder has returned to the Great Link, forever. We will honor him. Obedience brings Victory, and Victory is Life!
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