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New Fleet Supported Game - World of Tanks


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Good evening, StarFleet, and Friends of StarFleet!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Admiral's Council, in normal style, authorized an exploratory group to look into World of Tanks for official support. After a thorough review, this team concluded in the positive, and that World of Tanks would be applicable to StarFleet and worthy of the investment of our time. After thorough discussion and review, the Admiral's Council voted in majority to support World of Tanks. We recognize  RADM. Blanco, RADM Oddball, Major 63Impala, LCDR RedNeckRambo89, and Lt. Owens  in this effort and guiding the Council to this decision, with RADM Blanco and Doctor Chilled in leadership, driving this effort forward.

Effective immediately,  World of Tanks is now officially supported by StarFleet. All StarFleet officers will be expected to support and be ready to Defend the Federation in World of Tanks in a moments notice!

Contact your superior officers for plans on fleet-wide deployment, and tactical readiness exercise schedules!




Council of Admirals




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Glad to see this! I look forward to how this builds! If our work in World of Warships is any indicator, that by which many of you have learned from, then we'll be very successful here! 

Onwards to more fun! 


-F.A. Nelson

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