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Field Promotion - 3-17-2023


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Crewman DocTrellor,


I have not only witnessed extremely impressive Scrum Mastering from you during our daily standup meetings, but I've witnessed a certain drive and enthusiasm about you. Something that re-invigorates me and others around the Fleet. Your presence is powerful and moving! Caring is another word I'd like to toss in there. I very much appreciate these qualities but none have been stronger than your quality of LEADERSHIP! To capture the moment... the call to duty. To hear orders and act so quickly, so clearly as you have is worthy of the honor of a field promotion. I was extremely impressed to see the amount of recruits you drew in such a short of amount of time. It was just a single day; you managed to deliver and recruit for your ship, the U.S.S. Akira, right up the brim. How impressive! Congratulations on this well earned field promotion. I'm excited for your future. Thank you for all that you do for StarFleet!


Field Promotion


Crewman DocTrellor

is hereby promoted to the rank of 

Petty Officer 3rd Class







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