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StarFleet Communications Array


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Hello fellow Trekkers,

Commander Theta with your STO update.


Im sure everyone is knee deep in retro garb by now. So lets proceed with most commonly asked questions and ways to have fun!


First big thing I noticed is BONUS DILITHIUM. A temporary additional trait has been added to give bonus dili based on rank of opponent killed. Additional bonuses for teaming up with other temporal agents. I chose to run the 1-20 ranks on Epic difficulty to take advantage of this.


There is a hard to find Temporal Probe on the Kuva magh episode, It is said to be between the 3rd and 4th bombs. Half way up the hill in the east. However, when I went back, it was directly north of the beam in point. Giving rise to the theory that the probes change positions.


If you don't like fixing Ferengi replicators, remember this sequence: Replicators, Environmental, Gravity, Defense, Environmental, Replicators.

Later on Drozana station you must fix Cassidy a drink. Ask for Scotty's advise and try this drink recipe: Warm, Sour, Just Enough Kick, Stem glass, Honey.


Don't forget to visit the temporal agent outside Admiral Quinn's office to pick up goodies from the Delta Expansion.


My opinion is yes, it is short, but, lol, its fun! I enjoyed the whole retro feel with sound effects and all. After thinking about it, there would be difficulty in expanding it much further without access to the future at level 10 (account bank, exchange, etc.).


Dilithium weekend coming up. Save your VIP claims from lock boxes along with contraband to security doff missions. Check back for more STO news later.

Theta out...

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