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STFC Server 69 Rules of Engagement

Approved: 12/31/22

Effective Date: 01/03/23 (UPDATED)

Survey Ships: These ships are protected except in the following circumstances:

  • The ship is over its protected cargo limit
  • The ship’s alliance is engaged in an active base raid in the same system (normal protections are restored 5 minutes after the raid ends) or the Survey ship is directly engaged in PvP
  • A survey ship sitting on a mining node with 0 resources (zero node).

Warships: Warships are able to be attacked in nearly every circumstance. The exceptions to this are:

  • The ship is part of an armada.
  • The Discovery is treated like a survey ship while on a Mycellium node.

Token Space: “Token Space” is any system where you must spend a token to enter (e.g., Metra Alpha, Perek, Doniphon, etc.). No PvP is allowed in these systems.

Armadas: Allow an alliance 5 minutes after an armada ends to restart a failed armada. As stated above, Warships in an Armada are off-limits for PvP.

PvP Events:

  • For PvP events, actions that score event points are temporarily allowed for the duration of the event, but non-scoring actions must continue to follow RoE.
  • Milestone events that can be completed without PvP (ie. an alternate scoring option) follow normal ROE.

Bases: Shield or share.


  • You are KOS while in another Alliances territory.
  • OPC miners and Base raids are legal.
  • All targets are legal during takeovers.
  • Zero nodes in territory are off-limits.