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STFC Server 78 RoE

Server 78 R.O.E. 

Survey Ships/Miners

Survey Ships are protected from attacks when:

  • UPC and actively mining
  • UPC and traveling to a mining node or returning home
  • In a system that requires a token to enter (even OPC is protected here)
  • UPC in territory (including zero nodes)

When attacking a zero node miner in regular/open space, players are required to send a “zero node message” prior to the attack.

Any ship that engages in PvP forfeits RoE protections.


Warships are valid targets at all times except when in a token system or participating in an armada.


“Shield or Share.”

All bases are valid targets except in the system “Ocus”.  Ocus is deemed a safe system for bases to relocate to who have reported to their admiral that they are going through a real life hardship.  Admirals must declare the protected player names in the discord channel #ocus-protection

Token Systems

Any system that requires a token to enter such as borg probe systems, lucrative mining systems, and actian systems are protected from all forms of PvP.


  • All ships inside of an active armada marker are protected from all forms of PvP.
  • If an alliance fails an armada, they have 5 minutes to restart it. After 5 minutes, any alliance may initiate the partially completed armada.

Active Territory Takeovers/Defenses

  • During an active territory takeover/defense, if contested, only the alliances that have joined the takeover are allowed in the systems.
  • An Alliance must join with the intent to take over the territory.
  • An alliance can not declare war as a workaround for assisting an ally.
  • Players are not allowed to move between alliances in order to aide in a takeover.

Declaration of War/KoS negates all RoE protections and restrictions except OCUS protection.