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STFC Server 81 RoE

Server 81 R.O.E. 

Starting assumption: Everything that Scopely allows through game mechanics is allowed in the game. PVP events supersede s81 R.O.E. within event parameters. 

  1. All survey ships are protected on mining nodes and may not be destroyed.  a. Survey ships that are Over Protected Cargo(OPC) or on a 0 node are not protected by R.O.E., except in token space. (i.e. Borg and Exchange token spaces.). Zero node protection is not offered EXCEPT in the home territory/ies of the alliance the zero node ship belongs to.
    • Floating survey ships (not attached to a survey node) are not protected by R.O.E. and are open to attack at any time.
  1. Borg space is a PvP-free zone; all ships are protected in Borg space, including the Borg G3 Lucrative systems. 
  2. Warships are protected under R.O.E. when an alliance is participating in an armada a. Starting an armada does not provide a safe zone while raiding in the same system; players of the raided alliance are allowed to attack. 
  3. Warships are fair game everywhere except token space and active armadas unless article 3a applies. 
  4. Territory owners have UPC R.O.E. As well as Zero Node protection inside their own Territory/ies. Retaliation for violations is at the discretion of the offending alliance command. 
  5. Territory owners have the right to kill on sight anyone trespassing within their TC without consent.
  6. Server 81 recognizes Ocus System as a safe haven. At the request of any admiral, a player encountering challenging issues in real life (health, relationship, mental health, etc), that require a temporary reduction in play or absence, will be regarded as a NO HIT player as long as their station remains in Ocus. Stations located in the Ocus system are not to be attacked for ANY REASON. Once the affected player’s challenges have passed, they will be asked to move to a regular system to resume their place in the community