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World of Warship

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Po 2nd Class Unclejesse Reportin


on 16 & 17th of december at  2:00am GmT+1


these will be our last clan wars please left make this our best yet and have 100% antendance for both first and 2nd fleet

i would like to try and beat our record set last night 11/2 if i remmber right with some good team work and some good shooting 

none of this would have been possible if not for the orsome ground work set buy  major Carter and the officers and captian 

also if Mr citadel could share his citadels or yuor just gonig to find more ppl trying to hugg you and not from the other team 


over the last few month/weeks i,ve seen and been apart of the starfleet and i,m glad to say i like it here and feal at home with all the ppl 

i real hope you all stay for the the next installment of clan battle i would real liek to see many of the ppl thats been playing back 

there has been real progress in the 2nd fleeet and i think that down to a realy good clean fun and i,m happy to say that there been no fighting 

or cross word and for a group thast i,ve not play with i do feal very comfortable with so a persoan lthx to you all for making me feal very welcome 


my goal is to gain trust with the admirals and comtroll a group in the 2nd fleet for clan battle cus we have a super fun group and be apart of seting it up 

at find the best root for sucsess i no my leadership roles need work as i,m a little bit firm in what i want but i do feal this is the best way to move forward with the 2nd fleet

not to say we don,t have fun as we do in our 2nd fleet clan battle and i,d like to keep it firm but fun 


sorry for the lnog post that my fealnig for the clan battle and how i,d liek to see it in the future


 repect for the people that joined and i,d personal liek the thank all the ppl for the efort thats been put in 


a quote from sir Winston Churchill that all people should keep in mind thx 


Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.


thank PO 2nd UncleJesse signing out

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Good morning!

   12 members of StarFleet reported in last night during Clan Battles.  Just a few more to go and we can get TWO squadrons participating!!!  

Keep up the momentum and practice in division play during the week.  Bring your A game Saturday nights and let's rock the high seas!



Captain SailorJohn


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