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    Blanco got a reaction from Nathan Hunter in Attention all Starfleet personnel ORS   
    Good evening,
    This message is for all Fleet member, except the counsel of admirals and the senior staff of both the USS Enterprise and the USS Valiant. Most of the fleet is aware of my absence for the last 2 weeks. However my return is imminent, and your resistance will be futile.
    I will be returning to active duty the Sunday August 16th and we'll be pulling each and every one of you, one by one in regards to you ORS. I hate to act like a nagging significant other, but it is imperative that you update and or create your officers record system. The locations of the officers record system is under the private array. Admiral Sabre has a pinned up template for the proper procedure. The reason for this officer record system is to keep track of your service record and career. Based on your time in grade, time in service, and awards.
    This will also help out in future events, promotions, and awards.
    Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via TeamSpeak or the forums.
    That's is all
    Lt. Jr. Blanco out.
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    Blanco got a reaction from SirenMorgan in Application   
    Morgan ,
    Welcome to Starfleet. Commander Nathan will be in shortly for in proceeding. Welcome to the fleet and look forward in play with you in STO.
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