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PRIORITY 1 ANNOUNCEMENT - Folding@Home and Starfleet


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Good day Starfleet,


First of all, let me say I hope all of you and your families are keeping safe and well during these times of global emergency. Follow instructions from your local Government and the WHO as any officer would follow orders from Starfleet. We are an organization based on discipline and that WILL show outside of the confines of our web presence as well. It's the best way to keep your family and friends safe.


As an organization, there's not much more we can do...except for one thing: put our collective computational power to the service of science and medicine!


Being Starfleet an organization founded around gaming, it goes with the "job description" a lot of members, as well as friends and acquaintances of the Fleet, will have a relatively powerful system with a dedicated GPU; These can be set up to work with Stanford's Univeristy "Folding@Home" program - in a nutshell, the client downloads chunk of data used to understand how diseases work and devise a cure, processes them into protein folding simulations, and sends back the results once done. In the last month, there have been specific SARS-CoV-2 related Work Units added to the queues - both for CPU and GPUs.


You don't need to have a supercomputer - old GPUs as well as CPUs will also work.

With the Council, we've set up a Starfleet team - the ID is 238723.


You can download the client here: https://foldingathome.org/start-folding/ (available for all major platforms and operating systems) - when setting it up, enter 238723 in the "Team" field. Leave the selection as "all diseases" at the top - that includes the SARS-CoV2 WUs.




But, the team setting isn't fundamental - what is, is that you set the client up. The client can be set up to only work while you're not using the PC (it detects the "screen shutdown" command from the OS), so you can keep using the system normally.


Starfleet, time to make a contribution...ENGAGE!



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I have reactivated my old decrepit machine to contribute processing power to this task (at least until either this all blows over, or something blows up in it), but I have run into an interesting problem: F@H's server hamsters are all dead at the moment apparently.

EDIT: And now all systems are operational.  GPU got a project right after I moved the computer and fired it up on the PAINFULLY slow 1st gen SATA hard drive

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