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U.S.S. Venture - Preparing for launch - Transfers announcement


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Good evening StarFleet,


It gives me great honor and pride that I announce that the U.S.S. Venture is nearing completion for returning to the stars! I will be taking the Venture out as her acting captain and will be working on selecting and training her new captain up to par. Some of the Enterprise crew will be transferring over to the Venture to help get her staffed and under way! This is a great time for StarFleet. At long last we are returning to normal fleet operations! We have other departments working very hard and the recruiting door hasn't seen a slow day in some time! Congratulations StarFleet on continuing the path onward and upward. Engage! 
The following are hereby ordered to transfer to the U.S.S Venture by January 21st, 2021. Report in to the bridge as soon as your access has been granted. Be sure to take any relevant data/posts with you as you will lose access to your current ship.


U.S.S. Venture



Lieutenant Commander Karang

Lieutenant Commander Blanco

Lieutenant iamfirestorm

Lieutenant J.G. Tucker2_0

CPO ShakaWhenThewallsFell

PO1 Necrotic

PO1 Specter77

PO2 SHD_1975

PO3 DakotaMi7

PO3 SilentHunters

PO3 Brix

Crewman Winterblazekin

Crewman Jinkitchi Dar

Crewman Wowassassin

Crewman Recruit XxBoostedxX

Crewman Recruit Nerdiate





Venture crew, again, report for duty to the bridge and welcome aboard! We have work to do!
PLEASE Remember to ask for your new access to administered on the requests forum!

Fleet Admiral Z. Nelson
Acting Captain, U.S.S. Venture



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Discord: ShakaWhenTheWallsFell

Steam  : CricketStompah

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