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New Game Support - HELLDIVERS 2


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Good morning, StarFleet - this is a Public Service Announcement from Super Earth:


🌿   🌿   🌿


It gives me great honor to announce that the Admiral's Council has reviewed a proposal for support. With a unanimous decision in favor, including one absentee, StarFleet now officially supports HELLDIVERS2! ! ! !


And may I officially be the first to say.... FOR DEMOCRACY!!!! 

We are now Hell Divers! ! ! ! !



The support for HELLDIVERS2 began as a socially motivated game! It is thanks to the StarFleet membership that this very popular game made it's way into StarFleet. This wasn't driven by Command nor any individual Flag Officer, this is all general membership, and that means YOU! On the behalf of the Admiral's Council, we congratulate all of StarFleet! New game additions for official support are no easy musicals to orchestrate. But one thing we are clear on is that the voice of the member is heard, and we're here to support what you'd like to do. StarFleet itself isn't a democratic institution, but today... We fight for Liberty! We fight for Freedom... WE FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY!! 


And StarFleet, as a peacekeeping force, will continue with the Federation mission to seek out new exotic lifeforms, and spread MANAGED DEMOCRACY throughout the Galaxy! You'll be come a hero, a legend... you'll become a HELL DIVER!


Onwards now! With strength and courage; Support our newest game:






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Remember, if at first you don't succeed, dive again and again. And again. And again... and again.


If you are too injured or sick to dive again, please schedule an appointment with your designated Democracy Officer for rehabilitation.

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