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    Congratulations everyone!
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    The best way to get going in an FPS is to play with friends. Get 4-6 of us playing 4-5 days a week at the same block of hours, and we'll bump into a ton of people looking for a similar group, and our skill and teamwork will advance exponentially. 
    They are going to be bringing rental servers in an updated way. This is super exciting, since we can set up our own server and keep it at the top of the rankings. Helps tremendously, plus we won't need to pay for multiple servers in order to have scrimmages, practice, tactics teaching and matches, because they say they are going to allow for spawning a new server instance, and it will be baseline free (presumably with more options and larger size when paying so a clan server can be paid and dedicated while practice/scrims/competition can be instanced as needed for no further cost). 
    This is AMAZING good news. 
    Let's definitely get BF back for SF. Haven't been so excited since I joined when we had Bad Company 2 going strong. 
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Happy (american) turkey day everyone! I hope all of our North American family and friends enjoy a wonderful day with filled bellies and laughter with loved ones! I know I'm about to head to the Chow Hall and sink my teeth into a nice dry desert turkey (ever seen one? because I haven't). Have a great day everyone!
    P.S I remembered Canada celebrates their "thanksgiving" on October 14th so don't worry Lieutenant Danny I got you covered haha
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    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Guten tag! or night possibly morning and maybe evening! Just bringing some information about Battlefield V to those of you who play it or are either on the fence about playing it/will eventually be playing it. Let's get to it!
    So Platoons/Clans are the same across the board as far as the simplicity of it goes, one thing I found interesting was they will be adding in a battle royale game mode and will have clan rankings in said game mode and EA claims it will be different from games such as Fortnite and Playerunknowns Battlegrounds. With that being said there will be a single player "Campaign" mode described as similar to the Battlefield 1 "war stories" bringing its own challenges and rewards to the game nothing too crazy but I thoroughly enjoyed the missions and will most likely enjoy the ones to come. As far as multiplayer of course they have the normal Conquest mode but they also have Grand Operations which will support 64+ people and be spread across 3-4 matches similar to BF 1 except if the 3rd game ends in a tie sudden death will become active which will give every player a one life scenario until all members on one team have been eliminated which personally I thought was very interesting. Another mode which intrigues me greatly is Combined Arms which allows 4 players to take of Co-Op Raid style engagements and will introduce the test your luck style of gaming with the final objective being the hardest and will give the players the decision to either leave with all their loot or attempt to take on the final objective and make it out with all the extra loot. There will be 8 MP maps at launch which are spread out across Holland, Norway, France and Northern Africa. There have also been changes to game play from Battlefield 1 which I think makes Battlefield V the greatest Battlefield released to date. The bullet stray from Battlefield 1 Made me personally and quite a few members in the community upset, the fact that you would aim at an individual at about 100-200 meters either with Iron sights or an optic of sorts there was usually quite a few bullets that seem to stray completely off target and in BFV it is almost non existent wherever you aim is where your bullet will go. Along with the bullet stray fix the weapons themselves seem very well balanced allowing for snipers to do their thing much easier and also keeping the Support, Medic and Assault classes very well balanced with their weapons. Another feature I find very interesting and pretty great is the Revive system, if you are in a squad with an individual and said individual goes down, you whether being a medic or not  can revive them granted it will take a little longer if you are not a medic which isn't a crazy difference but a noticeable once but of course still keeping the ability for medics to revive anyone squad or not at an accelerated speed from non medic team mates. As far as DLC they are slotted to start releasing DLC as soon as early/late December. 
    On a different note, My schedule has been set out in my little corner of the world and I can be expected to be on from anywhere between 1630-2200 EST most days and if I am around and you are looking to play just hit me up and I will hop out of Fallout and play some Battlefield V with you no problem! The base Game is around $60 USD and the Deluxe edition which includes a little extra items such as cosmetic and assignments along with extra unlocks for $80 USD.
    Thank you for your time and I apologize for such a long post I get passionate when talking about battlefield!
    Private First Class, Maverick
    U.S.S. Enterprise Crew Member
    Battlefield Fanatic/Borderline Addict 
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