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  1. StarFleet, I am pleased to announce that Lieutenant Commander Minnow has accepted the role of Acting Associate Director of StarFleet Communications and will take over leading this team of passionate people. As such, the StarFleet Communications team is now a fully-fledged department under StarFleet Operations. We also welcome Petty Officer Rooster to the Communications team. The Petty Officer will assist with the creation and running of future StarFleet Discord role playing events. Keep an eye on Discord for more announcements around those exciting events. It's amazing to see how StarFleet is growing and I'm excited by the additional changes to the essential teams that perform the behind-the-scenes tasks of StarFleet Operations. Please join me in congratulating the Lieutenant Commander and Petty Officer. ViceAdmiral JustPlainDan COO and Second Officer of StarFleet.
  2. Good morning, StarFleet, It's my pleasure to announce some changes and growth within the StarFleet Operations teams. Operations consists of a group of teams that cover most of the fleet's admin side. While most of these areas are teams, when they grow and are established by a committed group of members, the team is formally granted department status. As such, it's exciting to announce that the Engineering team is now formally a department under StarFleet Operations. Our Engineering folks' hard work, activity, and dedication are hard to ignore. To that end, I am very pleased to announce that Major Maverick is hereby designated the department head of engineering with the title of Acting Head of Engineering, with all the rights and privileges therein, effective immediately. StarFleet Communications has also grown, and we are happy to welcome Lt. Commander DarkWyndre, Lt. Catteryna, and Crewman K Bennett as communication officers. Please join me in congratulating the Major and welcoming these new members to StarFleet Operations. ViceAdmiral JustPlainDan COO and Second Officer of StarFleet.
  3. Everyone, it is with mixed emotions that I am announcing a leadership change within the USS Hood. I am stepping aside as CO of the USS Hood and StarFleet operations in STFC and assuming an advisory role to assist our current leadership. I am pleased to announce that Taz007a is taking over to command the USS Hood and STFC operations. Apache11 will assume the role of second in command. I'm also pleased to announce that LT Taz and LT Apache are hereby promoted to the rank of LT Commander, effective immediately, with all rights and privileges therein. I look forward to seeing how Taz, Apache, and the STFC leadership team take SF and SFA to new heights. I have full confidence that we are well-represented! Please join me in congratulating Taz and Apache. Lieutenant Taz007 is hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Apache11 is hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander
  4. Congrats to everyone on their promotions!
  5. We will be making two-factor authentication available to all forum members effective immediately. This will be an optional setting you can set up on your own. Two-factor authentication is enabled in your profile settings, then privacy and security. I recommend using Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. Forum Moderators: You will be forced to use two-factor authentication beginning 12 pm StarFleet time on Wednesday, April 27th. Thank you.
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    Fleet meeting recording
  7. Congrats to the latest graduates and promotions!
  8. The forums will be undergoing maintenance on Friday, Feb 18th at 11 pm StarFleet (EST) time. Maintenance should be completed by 11:30 pm StarFleet time.
  9. Congratulations to everyone on their well-deserved promotion!
  10. Congrats to everyone who got promoted. Well deserved!
  11. Wow, a huge congrats to everyone on their promotions! Hard work paid off
  12. Welcome to StarFleet, Robby! We're happy to have you.
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