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Halo PC - StarFleets Clan from back in the day -- How are y'all doing???


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Howdy from Texas!


I'm not surprised this clan is still active! Probably more so with ST than Halo -- I could be wrong! [SF] kold_flame checking-in from beyond the grave from our Halo PC days! We used to use TeamSpeak too and compete in ClanWars -- any old clan members still here? We even made a Halo recruiting video a'la Red vs Blue fashion.


Cheers fellas 🍻

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Found some oldddddd throw back signatures I used to make for the clan and of course myself -- So I think we had our dedicated Halo PC clan with the [SF] tags, then splintered into Red Squadrons after significant recruitment numbers (and whoever was the Admiral at the time, did not like Halo PC growing so much in the SF crowd? Politics!) So we branched off into [RS] which was Red Squadrons -- and we even had a Wolfenstein Enemy Territory group as well


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Posted (edited)

I also have some old screengrabs from my shitty eMachines barely running Halo PC haha -- it was THAT fun and the comradery was that great in [SF]/[RS] but this forum won't me post more

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Let's get the Halo side of things back n running for whoever wants to play!

My Discord ID is kold_flame#3736

People I remember are:
Fox (not to be confused w FireFox)
DJ Guardy
and another kid that had a funny name that started with an N or Ng? lol

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