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Field Promotion - Rokossovsky 7/12/2023


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The command of the Venture welcomes a fellow officer into a new role of excellence.  Rokosovsky has stood out as leader on the field of battle time  and again, taking responsibility and leading the 2nd Fleet Crew to success on the field.  This is a rare honor to bestow to a fellow officer and I personally want to thank Rokossovsky for his service.  

I look forward to his continued success at Starfleet,


It is my honor to promote Rolossovsky to thhe rank of Commander.


Field Promotion

 LT Commander  Rokossovsky

is hereby promoted to the rank of






Congratulations! Good luck on the Venture and in Clan Battles!


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  • spector77 changed the title to Field Promotion - Rokossovsky 7/12/2023

It's a great honor to get that third pip, and it means you have a real chance to work up to that fourth pip soon.

Godspeed, Commander. Excited to see where your career leads from here!

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