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25th Anniversary Greetings


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Hi Starfleet. 

Just wanted to say it brings me joy to see SF alive and kicking after all these years.  

I first joined back in 2001, and it was a very different place back then supporting only Star Trek games, and due to the technology of the day was mostly forums-based and small games over TCP/IP rather than voice chat and always-on servers.  Nevertheless, I still see in this SF signs of that original spirit which made this Fleet such a pleasure to be a part of.    

I also see that despite so much time passing, some of the people I knew back then are still around today.  Your Fleet Admiral has become himself a relic, I don't think anyone in the community has served as long in a leadership position as he, and in my estimation he is a big reason why SF is still around when so many other great fleets have faded into the sunset.  I see in the officer lists of SF some familiar names, including from places like FC and UFP, fleets with long and rich histories of their own that simply have come to a natural end.  

But not SF.   Keep up the good work SF, and all the best for the next 25+ years.  


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Fleet Admiral, Starfleet [SF] (2003)
Founder / Fleet Admiral, The Federation [FEDS] (2004)
Founder / President / Fleet Admiral, The United Federation of Planets [UFP] (2005-2008)
Fleet Admiral, Federation Command [FC] (2011-2014)

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Well, If it isn't the man behind the curtain. Glad to see ya again, Jesse! Fed Command, UFP... I wish I could remember the stories, but it's been a while. I'm sure FADM Nelson will chime in, soon.

Feel free to hop on the discord and grab some Synthale in the lounge. I know some of our newer officers would get a kick out of the stories of old you could tell.

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