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StarFleet Communications Array

Jupiter Station - M.A.C.O. Changes

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Jupiter Station, StarFleet MACO


Attention all hands, The Military Assault Command Operations reorganization has officially been completed. We have successfully incorporated Jupiter Station into our ranks and are situating ourselves nicely. All MACO supported games are now centralized under one station and distinctly serve StarFleet between 1st Battalion "Ironsides", 2nd Battalion "Spartans", and 3rd Battalion "Helldivers". With these updates come changes to command and structure. With that being said it is my honor and duty to name the next leaders of MACO and welcome them as we move toward the next 26 years of StarFleet and beyond. Without further delay here they are. 

Attention to Orders

By the powers entrusted to me by StarFleet Command I hereby appoint the following to their respective positions within MACO.


Colonel RedneckRambo89

You are hereby assigned the position of

Brigade Deputy Commanding Officer


Major Doom

You are hereby assigned the position of

Brigade Executive Officer


Major Kristos

You are hereby assigned the position of

3rd Battalion Commanding Officer


Marine Captain Nerdiate

You are hereby assigned the position of

2nd Battalion Commanding Officer

I am enthusiastic that you all will do well in your new positions and I look forward to serving with each and every one of you on the field. We will do great things in the name of StarFleet, Congratulations!


Colonel Maverick
Commanding Officer, MACO
Jupiter Station


Semper Paratus, Semper Letalis!” - “Always Ready, Always Lethal!”

JupiterStation (1).png


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