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1   StarFleet has a zero tolerance policy against any type or form of discrimination: (handicap, racial, sexuality, faith, etc.). You are strongly advised to maintain a professional atmosphere. Avoiding these personal topics in public or on duty is highly suggested.   

2   Avoid discussions of religion at all costs unless related to gaming where it is directly related to the game play and/or design. Fictional religions in various Sci-Fi genres are exempt from this decree. 

3    There is to be absolutely no discussion of real world politics within StarFleet. Discussions of political figures and topics are also frowned upon unless it relates directly to Star Trek. Real world emergencies that relate directly to StarFleet’s health and operation are the only exception where a ranking officer is present.   

4   Your right to privacy: Administrators of StarFleet are strictly prohibited from utilizing their heightened access to engage in any form of unwarranted and or personal research on members of StarFleet, supported communities and their members. Public discussions of fellow StarFleet member’s personal livelihood is highly frowned upon and if unwarranted will carry penalties against the violator up to maximum penalty sentencing and including dismissal from StarFleet.