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History of StarFleet

StarFleet was officially founded on 15 April 1998 by Admiral FireFox. It has been in operation ever since that date, and its history is kept on this page. Below is a history of Starfleet’s first three years, written by its original founder, Fleet Admiral Firefox, retired. This page is constantly being updated as Starfleet grows and develops.


The Beginning – History

Starfleet was originally envisioned by 2 people, FireFox and Gssphrek, both these men were presently in a fleet called Independent Federation Fleet (IFF), due to changes and internal command problems with in IFF (Flt Admiral Evans, return from the Abyss and the fact that he wanted to change a structure that the command had spent months developing) both these men felt the would be better served leaving and forming their own fleet, early April in 1999 they begun discussions between themselves, how would they proceed, what would they do. Initially, both men considered joining another fleet but both had a vision of a grand fleet, one that would stand for all that Starfleet does.

During an ICQ meeting between FireFox and Gss the two discussed names for this new venture, after a few failed ideas FireFox suggested the name be Starfleet, both agreed that the name was perfect, it directly stated what the two men, and the fleet were to be all about, it was a strong name, and surprisingly not used by any other clan in the trek community. Having decided on the name the two men then set out planning the lay out of the fleet, its command structure, its policies and principals, this was a lengthy process, with the two men living in different time zones it was hard to communicate what each man thought.

During this period Gss started to develop the web site for the fleet. Over the course of the next week FireFox spoke to Jimpy (an IFF officer and real life friend) and informed him that he was going to leave IFF and form a new fleet with Gss, Jimpy stated that he would join once the fleet was operational, FireFox also spoke to the IFF commanding officer, Admiral Colebrody and informed him that Gss and himself were going to leave IFF to form Starfleet, Colebrody also tired of the situation developing in the IFF stated he too would join SF, FireFox suggested that Colebrody assume command of Starfleet when Gss has it the site finished, and SF goes live to the community.

A day passes and Gss is called away on work, (which has him away from home for 2 weeks) FireFox is now forced to carry on the rest of the web design and implement the clan structure / policies on his own. Further discussions took place with Colebrody about the command of Starfleet, Colebrody insisted that FireFox command the fleet, and that he would assume a role of 2nd in Command, Colebrody would remain with IFF and come across to SF once he had the opportunity to speak to the IFF founder, Flt Admiral Evans. FireFox worked around the clock, day and night, writing the fleet’s policies, its command structure, building the web site, early on the 14th of April FireFox announced his retirement to the IFF, in doing so he asked that no officer blindly follow him or Gss, both men felt it wrong that officers should turn their backs on the IFF with out cause, in a post on the IFF message board FireFox wrote,
“It is the intention of Gss and myself that we form our own fleet, a strong and proud fleet that would stand for all that star fleet does, we ask that no officer leave the IFF and follow us with out cause, if anyone serving in this fleet feels that they as officers can not remain in the IFF then by all means, speak to us, but, please do not simply follow us blindly, IFF has a future, and we are sure that Fleet Admiral Evans will continue on with IFF”

With that FireFox departed the IFF halls never to return. On the 16th of April 1999, FireFox announced the formation of Starfleet to the trek community. SF had 2 members listed on its roster, Fleet Admiral FireFox – Commanding Officer and Admiral Gssphrek – Web Designer. Starfleet’s web site was uploaded and open for business and was well received by the community, at this time fleet web sites were rather plain and boring, most fleets had not spent the time on their web sites and did not have the people to develop a site beyond the average.

Sadly Starfleet’s original site has been lost, but, you can see what it looked like by viewing this one, the original had yellow in it in parts. Community reaction to the formation of Starfleet was overwhelming, although some felt using the name Starfleet was rude and a knock off of Star Trek (note that those claiming this happily stole SF graphics, star trek copyright material, and of course used trek terminology themselves), so SF begun its campaign with its knockers, despite its knockers SF had been widely accepted by the community and many felt it had a good future ahead, if it could recruit strong players, and develop the leadership needed to create such a bold fleet.

Now operational SF and its sole active member FireFox went about business, Jimpy Joined the fleet as promised and was assigned the fleets first member status and awarded rank of Captain, and given command of a squad, naturally none existed at this point, but the with the structure in place FireFox felt that filling the correct positions with the appropriate and able officers was imperative.

With in days Starfleet started receiving applications, first of these was a good friend of FireFox’s, IFF – FireBirdPheonix, FireBird stated that he had no intention of remaining with the IFF as he did not agree with Evans theories, FireBird applied to join SF and was welcomed as a Quadrant Commander, and rank of Commodore.

Further applications came from other IFF officers, who were keen to get away from Evans and his style of command, of these Starfleet recruited Captain McCavoy and appointed him as a Squad Leader, further applications were received, numerous ranks of ensign and commander where assigned to new members. FireFox did indeed refuse to accept some IFF officers, anyone who did not provide a suitable reason to join SF was refused, simply saying “your there” was not accepted, FireFox stuck to his words posted in his resignation on the IFF forum, but, plenty of the IFF officer did indeed join, all were keen to get away from Evans and wished to become SF officers under the command of Fleet Admiral FireFox. With in its first week Starfleet has signed up 26 players, it had filled all positions except for its primary command roles of 2nd in charge, and a few council roles with in the Admirals Council.

Colebrody soon joined and was given his agree rank of Admiral, 2nd in Command, with in days an old friend returned and also left the IFF to join Starfleet, IFF’s best player, and another commander, Admiral Stingray, Sting was assigned the rank of Rear Admiral and was placed in an operations position, in addition Sting was charged with the duty of formulated a complex Code of Conduct for the fleet (which seems to have been re-written in recent years to a point where it doesn’t resemble the original at all).

Starfleet was now a week old and boasted 30 plus members, with a strong command structure, a genuine code of conduct written by a solicitor (sting) and a well balanced group of officers from older gamers to younger ones, SF had some of the best SFA players around and had already developed a training schedule to further its skills as a fleet. Captains McCavoy and Jimpy where charged with training their squads, which now had many officers from ensigns thru to LT Commanders, both these Captains reported to Commodore FireBird who was responsible for overseeing the Alpha Quadrant. Other Quadrants quickly formed and Starfleet grew.

During this early period, Starfleet’s first month in the community, the key players were, in rank order:

Fleet Admiral FireFox – Commanding Officer
Admiral Colebrody – 2nd In Command
Rear Admiral Stingray – 3rd in Command, Operations Officer
Admiral Gssphrek – Web Designer
Commodore FireBird – Alpha Quadrant Commander
Commodore MaxxDuggan – Delta Quadrant Commander
Captain Jimpy – Squadron Commander (Rangers Squad?)
Captain McCavoy – Squadron Commander (Sharks?)

Other names of note are serving officers, whom thru their dedication, ensure that Starfleet thrived in its early stages:

Lieutenant Commander Zythe, Commander Cyborg, Commander Trey, and numerous others who sadly cannot be recalled, others did indeed join, but it is primarily these officers who forged a future for Starfleet in its first month.

Starfleet had begun, thru its strong presence in the gaming community it continued to grow, and within its first 2 months it boasted some 60 odd members, dominant in the only trek online game, Starfleet Academy. Some will indeed argue SF’s claim to domination, but, fact is, with 40 members, some of whom where considered to be amongst the best in the game, SF was unbeatable in any sensibly organized battle. Sure, SF lost some one-on-one battles, and indeed there were a few players that could seriously challenge the best in SF, but sheer weight of numbers meant SF would dominate, add to this, FireFox, Stingray and FireBird were easily in the best 6 to 8 players in the community.

During this forging period SF was on friendly terms with the honorable BSM, a fleet of Klingons whose leaders had been friends with the SF Admiralty back from the IFF days. SF had its knockers still and these tiny fleets often caused problems, claiming SF was a tyrant. If we consider the first 2 months as the forging days, then the following months would be regarded as the prosperous days; during this period SF recruited more and more, weeded out the troublemakers and trained and developed officers and players at a high level.

In its prosperous months SF grew to have 60 odd members, its strength was undeniable, SF had suffered some losses in personnel, Maxxduggan had vanished with out a trace, Stingray was AWOL and Gssphrek had retired, still, SF prospered and grew, Colebrody was not online as often as he would have liked and FireFox seemed to be running the show primarily on his own, but, he did had excellent officers below him, helping with the management of the fleet, key players of note during these months are………

Fleet Admiral FireFox, Captain Jimpy, Captain McCavoy, Lieutenant Commander Cyborg, Commander Hdog and SF’s gun player Admiral FireBird, who had been promoted to Admiral due to his excellence in battle.

Starfleet was now in its opinion, the best clan in trek gamming, no doubt it was the biggest, no doubt it had excellent players in its higher command positions, at this time SF tried implementing ideas into the community, ladder games, map games where clans could compete with out flames, but, this was rejected by the community, most claiming FireFox was trying to rule the roost and SF was his patsy.

Despite the negativity SF continued to prosper, eventually war came, smaller fleets often picked at SF, SF was seen by smaller fleets as a dictator, a fleet that tried to control the community, however, SF felt it was trying to create fun gaming where mature people can role play in trek and enjoy flame free exciting games, these smaller fleets picked and picked at SF and its leader until SF declared war on them, in an attempt to silence them.

Condition RED The primary problem fleets where SFCO lead by Mcleod and his side kick TC65, and some other fleet long since forgotten, these two fleets seemed hell bent on trying to take down the might and greatness of Starfleet, jealousy was clearly and issue, Starfleet had its loyal Admirals on board, Stingray had returned from leave and the fleet prepared for war, the official war declaration was passed to SFCO and RIS as SF went on Red Alert (note graphic featured was created by SF’s own Gssphrek, and stolen by the entire community, in fact, ask people how it was made and they wont know and can not provide the original images, Starfleet can)

Starfleet Officers were ordered to attack any and all SFCO vessels sighted in the gaming arena. During the next week SF engaged and destroyed SFCO vessels over and over, in fact, the head of the SFCO was beaten so often that his abilities in battle became a point of laughter in the community, SFCO did not have a single officer that could compete with SF’s best 10, and SF’s lower ranks were taking scalps too.

During the campaign SF’s Admiral division lead from the front, Admirals FireFox, Stingray, FireBird and Colebrody dominated the battles, Starfleet destroyed the SFCO over and over, a time came when SF called for SFCO’s surrender, clearly SF had destroyed the fleet in battle, the entire community thought it funny and realized SF was far to dominant, but alas, this poorly lead fleet refused to admit defeat, this was indeed the start of the demise of the trek community, the moment a game based community refused to play, or refused to admit a lose, well, that community is doomed.

Starfleet eventually ceased hostilities with SFCO and claimed victory, despite SFCO trying to claim it had not been beaten, initially SF tried to ignore the rages of a tiny fleet, it was then forced into battle, won, and was not given its deserved victory, in the end, SF decided to ignore the feeble fleet and carry on business as though that fleet and its immature leadership didn’t exist. Sadly however, SFCO continued its flames against SF on the SF message board, Fleet Admiral FireFox decided to star deleting their posts, they are guests on the SF communications forum and blatantly flaming SF and its members, and having recently beaten this clan FireFox felt deleting the flame posts was the only way to deal with this immoral bunch, naturally that raged the community, not the honorable players or fleets, jut all the other 2 man fleets that feel they can do as they please, FireFox was accused of censorship, these two bit fleets claimed Starfleet and its leader have no right monitoring and deleting flame posts off its message board, FireFox believed these accusations were simply further proof that these fleets and people are to immature to be allowed internet access.

Time passed and SF continued to grow, players were promoted and rewarded for their efforts against SF’s enemies, and the fleet as a whole continued to place itself as the best trek clan in trek gamming, and yes, all thru this period SF had its knockers, little fleets constantly knocking SF and trying to bring the big guy down.

Over time SF recruited the wrong people, people that cared more about themselves than they did the fleet, these people started back stabbing the Fleet Admiral, spoke to the enemy about SF and its policies, an internal issue was growing and in reaction to this a bunch of foolish officers banded together to form their own little spy band, calling themselves Section 31, these people claimed to be trying to weed out the trouble makers, but, when SF command discovered their existence it was not impressed. According to the SF code all members are to report issue to their commanding officer, no officer is at any time permitted to assume command of any section, to take any action with out the permission of its senior officer, forming a little spy ring, even for a good cause, was not seen favorably by FireFox or his Admirals Council. Those in Section 31 where either dishonorably discharged, or punished for their actions.

As time past players came and went, SF continued to be the target of the immature gamer / fleet and these constant attacks where starting to become a problem, the Fleet Admiral tired of being the target for the attacks stood down, handing command onto Colebrody. Assuming command Colebrody quickly came out firing, taking on anyone that had been against the former fleet admiral, flame wars continued to rage, and even though he had stepped down, FireFox was often the target for the attacks.

During a short period SF again went to war with its knockers and again triumphed, and as expected, these fleets refused to concede defeat, SF and its officers stood tall and won the day yet again.

With the flame wars being a constant problem SF looked to Stingray, Colebrody was asked to step down in favor of Stingray, Colebrody did so, and assumed his previous role as 2nd in command, the fact that Fox, Sting and Cole where great friends made this possible, and its further tribute to Colebrody that he was able to do the best thing for the fleet, and not take it to heart.

Stingray now acting as Fleet Admiral attempted to set SF on course, attempted to put the fire out with the flame wars, and attempted to speak to the immature fleets in an attempt to end what was becoming a lengthy endless debate.

Sadly, even Stingray (a US District Attorney) could not deal with the immaturity of the leaders of some fleets, these fleets simply refused to cooperate in any fashion, would not stop flaming, would not agree to anything and continued to prove that internet access need be limited to those with an IQ. The constant flame wars took their toll on the SF Command, FireFox was still a target, despite having stepped down, Stingray struggled, and eventually took leave, this left FireFox to resume command, and he reluctantly did so.

Over the next month FireFox commanded as best he could, times where tough, there were simply far to many tiny fleets with chips on their shoulders, Starfleet, thru FireFox tried to initiate fun gaming, ideas where forged to offer games to the community, ladders games, map games, but the immaturity in the fleets saw these ideas as FireFox and Starfleet trying to control everyone, interestingly enough, the only gaming communities thriving now are those that have such things. Further in recent discussions, those that stood against FireFox and his ideas have stated they were wrong, albeit it to late now.

FireFox was ably assisted by now Admiral, Hdog, FireFox took it upon himself to promote this player, and in some ways, took him under his wing, this fine officer assisted FireFox greatly, his work ethic for the fleet was first class, and with out his assistance SF may have folded then and there. Sadly, even with Hdog’s assistance FireFox grew tired of battling the same people over and over, gaming had taken a back seat, there was no gaming, SFA had died, the new games where struggling but those that opposed Starfleet and its founder / leader were relentless, their constant attacks on FireFox and SF finally became to much for FireFox and he, acting under his own authority, closed Starfleet.

Many have debated FireFox’s decisions, but none are aware of a deciding factor, SF had become a large fleet, some 60 members now called SF how, sadly though, not all of these members were loyal to the fleet or its command, some cared only for themselves, some where nothing but troubling makers, and some even spies for other fleets, FireFox felt that considering the constant attacks on himself and his fleet, the fact that 25% of Starfleet was in itself corrupt, or trouble, the fleet should close, albeit it briefly???

This was clearly a victory for SF’s enemies, and yes, FireFox was aware that they would see it this way, but when your dealing with people of this nature you cannot win, eventually you must concede that they will never show maturity, and will never behave in a manner that’s conducive to good gaming. FireFox, with his loyal command officer, Colebrody, Stingray, FireBird and Jimpy begun a new fleet, one that would not play politics, a fleet that would simply take to the battle field and destroy anyone that despised. This was a way that these men could continue to game in the community and were able to do it with out the responsibilities that Starfleet placed on them.

This fleet was named Delta Force, it went public to the community with an impressive flag web site, and boasted highly skilled players, in fact, there were only a few players capable of matching anyone in DF, and FireFox managed to recruit one of them, Chiggerspecies !!

Delta Force raged thru the community for only a short time, it as expected, dominated the trek gaming world, it had 6 players that would rank in the top 8, and as such was never challenged, those that opposed these men in Starfleet still opposed them in DF, but, in DF these men where free to strike back with out the fear of the Code of Conduct, and naturally, the opposers ran from the might of this fleet.

To further strengthen this fleet Fox recruited long standing villain Jones, Daniel Jones had served with the members of DF in IFF and their history was always a love hate one, but the time was right for Jones to take his place amongst these elite gamers, and in doing so, Delta Force became so powerful that most of the players couldn’t get a game, only the highly honorable BSM warriors would play Delta Force, and as usual, the BSM won honor for the manner in which it carried itself in battle, and the community.

Things were rather rosy for DF, it was powerful, it had great players, these players where online all the time, it was capable of attacking anyone or thing it pleased as it had no rules, but there was something missing, FireFox was not happy, he missed Starfleet, he missed his command, the responsibility, the glory of what was the greatest fleet of its time, sure strength wise DF was stronger, it had no weak link, but it didn’t have numerous members to look after and lead, it didn’t have the fun times that can be gained from a large community based clan.

FireFox called a meeting with his fellow Delta Force pals and talked them into reforming Starfleet, many were hesitant, but as usual, these men stuck by FireFox and followed him back to their true home, STARFLEET. Even the great warrior Chiggerspecies followed, much to the delight of FireFox.

Before reopening Starfleet, FireFox felt that some work needed to be done, SF had lost 70% of its members, by now some had left the community, some had joined other fleets, some simply didn’t want to join a fleet again, so, before reopening the greatest fleet again, FireFox decided to do a little recruiting.

Discussions where held between FireFox, Colebrody, Stingray and FireBird, these men are and were, clearly the core of SF, these 4 men where at the forefront of SF initially, and again would be in its reopening, during this meeting these men discussed ways and means to open the fleet, how to recruit, no one wanted to reopen SF and have it operating in a weakened state, the grand old fleet had to open and once more be an instant power. But how could this be achieved?

The following is unknown by all but those men listed above, even those claiming to know FireFox, or Starfleet, or why and how Starfleet reopened do not know the events and discussions held by these 4 men, today this is made public for all to read.

All four men agreed that Starfleet needed more officers than just the 10 that Delta Force would bring to it, Jones had rejoined Red Squadrons for the hundredth time, Hdog not accepted to Delta Force due to his average skills and the fact that some of the DF members found him to be annoying, was now running his own fleet, NCF (note- NCF web site kindly built and donated to NCF by FireFox), Jones himself was always an issue amongst the DF crew, some with in the fleet have and will always have problems with Jones, which makes the following even more amazing.

In this private meeting FireFox suggested that DF could approach NCF and RS and inform them that SF would re-open, Fox knew that both Hdog and Jones loved power, loved to be in command, he knew that neither could resist the chance to be in a high ranking role in Starfleet, remembering of course that Starfleet was the greatest fleet in the history of trek gaming, and both Hdog and Jones always wanted to be in the command area of this fleet.

FireFox’s suggestion was not met well by Colebrody, Stingray or FireBird, each felt that Hdog and Jones are trouble, and need not be included in SF, FireFox was reminded that Hdog had been disloyal in the past, he was considered a poor player and poor leader, further, FireFox was reminded by these men that Jones could not be trusted, and that the SF command would once more have problems with him. Despite these issues FireFox was once more successful in campaign, once more he had one his debate and his friends conceded to his plan.

Further discussions where now held on how Delta Force would reopen as Starfleet.

Bare this in mind, those in NCF and RS, including its leaders will, and have informed you all that a merger took place in which Starfleet was formed for the second time, this however its what they knew, its not what was planned by those instigating the entire move.

The DF core of FireFox, Colebrody, Stingray and FireBird all agreed that SF could bring NCF and RS into SF, reopen Starfleet in its own right, assume their appropriate command roles, and have Hdog and Jones bring the players it needed to make SF a true power again. The next trick was how to do it, how could Fox get two people to close their fleets and bring their members to Starfleet.

This is where the movement became a little heated, FireFox spoke to both Jones and Hdog and let them know he planned to reopen Starfleet, and that he wanted them both on board, naturally both were interested, but, both wanted high command roles, FireFox informed his DF command of this and all disagreed that neither Jones or Hdog should be given anything above Captain of a squad, Fox had done well to talk them into the idea, but they were hesitant in giving these two players a high rank.

Further discussions were held, FireFox again put his ideas forward and again debated them with his friends, and yes, once more they gave into his wishes, In a meeting of the DF commanders, Hdog and Jones, the plan was formulated to reopen Starfleet, FireFox would be Fleet Admiral, Stingray 2nd in Command at the rank of Admiral, Colebrody as Vice Admiral, and for Hdog and Jones, Rear Admiral, naturally these two wanted more, they argued for higher ranks and wanted more power. To appease them they were offered seats on the command council, this was a bold move, but both Stingray and FireFox knew it was safe, with the system of the Admirals Council, FireFox, Stingray, Colebrody and FireBird would always be able to out rank and maneuver Jones ands Hdog.

To further sweeten the pot Jones and Hdog were offered Quadrants to command, in addition to their Admiral duties, this was just enough to entice these two, they quickly jumped on board the plan, and then asked for ranks for their members, The DF command knew who it wanted from each of NCF and RS, so it stated that a couple would not be welcome, and that all others would retain their rank except the admiralty of each, RS and NCF admirals would be down graded, but, given a command of a division, or similar pointless commands that were deemed harmless by Fox and Stingray.

With this offer on the table Jones and Hdog closed their fleets and ordered their players to Starfleet command to sign up and be added to the SF roster, Fox once more created an SF web site, and with that developed a heap of new divisions and commands that the coming RS and NCF players would assume.

The structure was simple, An Admirals Council whereby all Council members had one vote, expect FireFox who had two, Quadrant Commanders, Squad Commanders, Special Commands such as Intelligence, Communications, Training Officer etc, most of the minor commands where handed to RS officers, their leader Jones battled harder for them than Hdog, Hdog basically took what was on offer for his men and seemed to be content with getting an Admiral spot, he was not overly concerned with what Fox offered for his officer, Jones held out for a while and managed to get most of his men into the same ranks they had at RS, except for the Admirals, a few did retain that rank, but where not placed on the Admirals Council, FireFox decided that only X amount of people could serve on the council, naturally this was his crew, Jones and Hdog, RS and NCF Admirals where either down graded, placed in minor roles with high rank.

Starfleet had once more opened and was instantly the biggest fleet in the galaxy, the Admirals Council was to lead as per usual and was set up to provide FireFox, Stingray, Colebrody and FireBird with power, the council required a majority vote to pass a levy, and with those 4 voting the same way, and Fox’s 2 votes, the council could control Hdog and Jones, which was the plan from the outset.

Exciting times where ahead for the communities biggest and greatest fleet, it once more boasted 50 players, excellent skills in numerous games now, as more had been released, SF had more divisions than ever before, despite Stingray wishing to remain a one game fleet. FireFox had pointed Chiggerspecies as head training officer, loyal member and friend Jimpy was commissioned as a Quadrant leader and given the rank of Commodore, as usual, Jimpy was happy to follow Fox’s lead, and was not power hungry like so many other officers, so this rank suited him, although, to be honest, he had served longer than most with Fox and should have been given rank of Admiral.

The events above are true, although Jones and Hdog may disagree, but, considering they were not involved in the DF meetings they can not know the true happenings behind Starfleet reopening, its believed both Jones and Hdog, and some others in RS and NCF believe DF merged with NCF and RS to form Starfleet, but, the simple fact is, FireFox wanted Starfleet back, talked his DF and former SF Commanders into it, conceived a plan that would make use of Hdog’s and Jones’s desire to have power, and simply reopened his fleet and took over RS and NCF. You could argue that this move was mean, and rude, but, everyone got what they wanted, Jones and Hdog where Admirals, pleasing them, RS and NCF officers where treated well, Except for Ant who was seriously down sized by Fox, and at the end of it all, FireFox had Starfleet back, had strength in his fleet, had his usual command officer with him, and had the name, colors, web site, command structure, policies, etc that he wanted.

But, FireFox did not get it all his own way, Stingray had made one prevision, he wanted Fox to agree to an addition to the Code of Conduct, FireFox was asked by his 2nd in Command to add the following “The Fleet Admiral can not close the fleet with out the consent of majority vote of the Admirals Council”

Clearly Stingray was somewhat annoyed that FireFox had closed SF, formed DF, closed DF and reformed SF, and wanted assurances that the Fleet Admiral would not, or could not, close SF again. FireFox agreed to the condition and it was written into the Code of Conduct.

Once more Starfleet thrived, the community as expected saw the return of Starfleet as a great move, but as usual, the knockers existed, in this reopening the Admirals Council had given itself more power to handle these knockers, Jones and Hdog where charged with handling the community trouble makers, their job was to hand back to them what they had and do dish out, Jones was naturally excellent in this role, as a dominant player he was able to hand the trouble makers their ships, albeit in pieces, the SF and FireFox knockers now had numerous targets to throw their flames at, and in battle once more, none could face Starfleet.

In an early Admirals Council meeting SF decided that it needed to flex its muscle and show the community that it could and would if needed, go to war, it was decided that the fleet would provoke Mcleod of SFCO, SF’s arch enemy, into war, Starfleet intended to finish what it should have in the past !!

Through the gaming sectors, certain SF officers were sent to antagonize Mcleod and any where wore the SFCO badge, Jones and Stingray where to lead this charge, both capable to defeating SFCO in battle, but even better at defeating Mcleod with words. Jones excelled and was, without a doubt, proving to be a force with in SF, between himself, and Stingray, SFCO were pushed into war.

Starfleet’s plan was simple, it did not want to look like the antagonist, so, instead, it bated Mcleod over and over until he and SFCO struck first, this was the opening for Starfleet, it instantly declared a just and holy war against SFCO, and funnily enough, was already to attacked, players where in gaming sectors, commanding officers ready to lead. Jones and Stingray commanded the attack; both called troops into battle and challenged the SFCO into battle.

Starfleet invaded SFCO space by creating game rooms titled “SF Invaded SFCO,” Jones was in command of one room, Stingray patrolled the other, as expected most SFCO officers refused to battle, but some could not resist, this was not SFA, and some obviously felt they could duel adequately in new arenas… they were wrong!!

Jones dominant as usual in his gaming sector, Stingray could not be beaten, FireBird and his vessel was never scratched, Chiggerspecies couldn’t get a game as no one was foolish enough to face him, and the rest of SF sat around and laughed as SFCO left the gaming sector. This was a short war, having proved that SFCO didn’t have the courage to back their mouths Starfleet closed down its war department and claimed yet another victory.

Key players during this campaign were:

Admiral Stingray – unbeaten
Rear Admiral Jones – Unbeaten
Vice Admiral FireBird – unbeaten

Most other Starfleet personnel where un-challenged, but enjoyed the spectacle.

During the next months Starfleet prospered once more, it had defeat the enemy again, proved itself unbeatable once more, and managed to infiltrate its enemies and undermine them from with in (sorry, can not divulge this part) SF was once more the biggest and best in the Trek Community, and once more it implemented its style, policies, and way of gaming thru out the gaming sector, fun friendly games once more where the order of the day and Starfleet shone looking forward to its bright future.

Time passed for Starfleet, new games came along, the old completely died, FireFox once a dominant player had drifted from trek gaming as he had not taken to KA and the other games, the Fleet Admirals desire to be in the trek community begun to waiver, he discussed retirement with his 2nd in command, and upon their agreement, FireFox stepped down, handing the reigns to Admiral Stingray, at FireFox’s request Hdog was promoted to assist Stingray in his command, FireFox had felt that despite his previous misgivings, Hdog had worked hard for his Fleet Admiral and deserved a chance to move up in command, Stingray respected the last order of his departing Fleet Admiral and named Hdog as his 2nd in command.

FireFox moved on from trek gaming, into the FPS gaming, playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein, he created clans, closed them, lead them, but eventually found a happy home with a team he helped to victory in the Game Arena Ladder Competition (Oxygen – O2), there he remains this day.

The above are true and accurate events, as witnessed by myself, former Fleet Admiral FireFox, Founder of Starfleet.

It is hoped that Starfleet will now accept this article as being the most accurate account of its history, and that perhaps its current leaders will add to it, those times from now, to the present.

As for my part in SF, I believe my reign was successful, although I will agree that some of my decisions where wrong at the time, I do not regret closing SF, I do not regret the manner in which I reopened it, Starfleet had been my baby from its initial conception, and it was reopened exactly as I have explained above.

Live Long and Prosper,

Kent Walker (Fleet Admiral FireFox, Retired)