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USS Hood (NCC-42296)

The USS Hood is a venerable Excelsior-Class Battleship updated with the latest in Starfleet offensive and defensive systems. Augmented with experimental beam weapons, the USS Hood is Starfleet’s hammer and called upon to resolve overwhelming force scenarios. The USS Hood houses solely the game of Star Trek Fleet Command. Her officers are a versatile and dedicated bunch that manage over 200 players, diplomacy with several alliances, and constantly defend the Federation from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Captain Taz007a

Commanding Officer

Commander Apache

Executive Officer​

Lieutenant Junior Grade DirectorSloane

Second Officer

Lieutenant Commander Catteryna

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Petty Officer DarthBigMac

Acting Chief Tactical Officer

Petty Officer 2nd Class Crossthread001

Acting Chief Science Officer

Petty Officer 1st Class BeansNSnots

Acting Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Junior Grade QueenofThorns

Chief of Security