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STFC Server 69 Rules of Engagement

Effective as of April 15, 2024 at event reset.

Survey Ships:

These ships are protected except in the following circumstances:

  • The ship is over its protected cargo limit
  • The ship’s alliance is engaged in an active base raid in the same system (normal protections are restored 5 minutes after the raid ends) or the Survey ship is directly engaged in PvP
  • A survey ship sitting on a mining node with 0 resources (zero node)

NOTE – Roe rules for Survey ships are meant to protect ships being used as a miner ONLY, including travelling to and from mining nodes/base. If the ship is very clearly not intended for mining and is actively being used for other purposes then the exceptions above open it up for PvP. If a situation is not already covered by the ROE it will be up to individual alliances to determine how to handle those until such time as the council can clarify ROE.

(i.e. stacking a TC pre-TD, OPC hunting with PVP crew, etc)


Warships are able to be attacked in nearly every circumstance. The exceptions to this are:

  • The ship is part of an armada
  • The Discovery is treated like a survey ship while on a Mycellium node

Token Space:

“Token Space” is any system where you must spend  a token to enter (e.g., Metra Alpha, Perek, Doniphon, etc.).  No PvP is allowed in these systems.

Only Voyager is protected by ROE in delta quadrant token space. Non-Voyager miners in delta quadrant token space are subject to attack while on a node without incurring a ROE violation.


Allow an alliance 5 minutes after an armada ends to restart a failed armada . As stated above, Warships in an Armada are off limits for PvP.

PvP Events:

  • PvP Exception:
    Standard RoE is followed unless there are no alternatives to score for an event, building mechanic, or any other terms.


Shield or share


  • You are KOS while in another Alliances territory or unclaimed territory
  • OPC miners and Base raids are legal
  • Zero nodes in territory are off limits. Exception: OPC or during active takeover
  • All targets are legal within the active takeover zone (the zone the takeover is for and only that zone)

Update History

Territory Update Added: 02/13/23

Survey Ships Update Added: 02/17/23

Voyager Token Space Mining Addendum Added: 6/17/23
PvP Exception Clarification Added: 4/14/24