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STFC Server 78 RoE

STFC Server 78 Rules of Engagement

Last Edited 6/19/23

Survey Ships/Miners

Survey Ships are protected from attacks when:

·         UPC and actively mining

·         UPC and traveling to a mining node or returning home

·         In a system that requires a token to enter (even OPC is protected here)

·         UPC in territory (including zero nodes)

When attacking a zero node miner in regular/open space, players are required to send a “zero node message” prior to the attack.

Any ship that engages in PvP forfeits RoE protections.


Warships are valid targets at all times except when in a token system or participating in an armada.


“Shield or Share.”

All bases are valid targets except in the system “Ocus”.  Ocus is deemed a safe system for bases to relocate to who have reported to their admiral that they are going through a real life hardship.  Admirals must declare the protected player names in the discord channel ocus-protection

Token Systems


Any system that requires a token to enter such as borg probe systems, lucrative mining systems, and actian systems are protected from all forms of PvP

Any ships other than Voyager mining an Anomaly Sample Node in Delta Quadrant Token Space (defined by using a Delta Quadrant Token) have no protection under ROE regardless of being in that token space or UPC, and are able to be destroyed.

Other than this distinction, all other rules regarding token space apply including, but not limited to, floating ships of any classification and OPC Voyagers



All ships inside of an active armada marker are protected from all forms of PvP.

If an alliance fails an armada, they have 5 minutes to restart it. After 5 minutes, any alliance may initiate the partially completed armada.

Active Territory Takeovers/Defenses


During an active territory takeover/defence, if contested, only the alliances that have joined the takeover are allowed in the systems.

·         An Alliance must join with the intent to take over the territory.

·         An alliance can not declare war as a workaround for assisting an ally.

·         Players are not allowed to move between alliances in order to aid in a takeover.

In the occurrence of a conflict between ROE and in-game event scoring, that part of ROE will be suspended for the said event only.


Declaration of War/KoS negates all RoE protections and restrictions